January 30, 2015

Valentine's Day Candy Card

Lets start the countdown…16 days till Valentine’s Day. 16 days till I sit at home, watch a romantic comedy, and eat way to much popcorn ice cream! Of course I have a date! Well, you see I actually have three. But I haven’t decided which one I’ll invite over this year. Me, Myself, or I….let me tell you it’s difficult.

When you’re your own date you kinda have to buy/make your own gifts too. I’m not the kind of girl that would want a dozen roses and little teddy bear. I mean if a guy ever did that I’d be grateful and happy because that’s just the kind of person I am, but I’d much rather go to Handel’s for ice cream. Here’s the secret: Ice cream makes everything better. Yes folks, if you can remember that little piece of advice you’re life will be golden. Anything goes wrong; you have a bad day, break up with a girl/boyfriend, it’s raining or snowing, it’s -16° outside, bad sports practice or game, just about anything…have a nice big bowl of ice cream. I guarantee you’ll feel better. To be quite honest you might as well just eat from the container. You’ll really feel good after that!

Back on topic, I decided to make myself a candy card this year. If someone gave me this as a gift I would probably marry them right there. Why? Let me explain. Chocolate, brilliance, humor…what more could you ask for? You gotta pounce on those ones! Even if the got the idea on the internet and it literally took 10 minutes to put together, I don’t care. They’re amazing.

So guys, here’s how you impress your lady. Go to the gas station, grocery store, dollar general, you get the point. Buy everything on the list of material below if you don’t already have it. On your drive home, swing by Handel’s and pick up a $5 dollar gift card. (to mail to me of course!) I guess if you have to you can skip that last step. Lay everything out on a table and copy the message below in pencil. (bold words are candy bars) If your happy with the spacing, which I know most guys could careless, trace over the pencil in sharpie. Erase any visible pencil lines and tape on your candy bars.

If your sweet(tart) doesn't fall head over heals just send the card my way! I’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands!

What You’ll Need

Almond Joy
Take 5
Hershey Kisses
100 Grand
Mr. Goodbar
Tootsie Roll
Reese’s Pieces
Sugar Daddy’s
Poster or other large paper

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