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Hi I’m Grace George, creator of Simple and Sweet! Born and raised in Ohio, I'm your typical small town girl getting ready to find her place in the world.  From crafts and projects to food and recipes, I'm always willing to try something new. I don't like making things complicated. Personal philosophy: basic is best...

I have a serious case of OCD.  Literally everything I own has a place.  My closet: rainbow order by season.  The fridge: ...I'll let my family explain that one.  Cabinets, drawers, my purse, locker, you name it.

Can I blame my mother for it?  I mean who else buys their two-year-old a play vacuum and encourages cleaning?  At least she taught me some other "valuable" skills too.

One: always lick the beater... really need to reach to get it all!

Two: pie dough is a real pain to roll out.  (keep taking little samples and eventually there won't be enough...oh darn!)

Three: baking is good, but cooking is the way to a man's heart...especially bacon!

Either I was a quick learner or spent way too much time in the kitchen. As far as I was concerned I was better than any of the professional decorators at Giant Eagle.  No one could beat my cookie decorating!

Believe it or not I did spend a small part of my childhood outside the kitchen.  Well, I guess I was still in the kitchen, but I'm not baking. Dress up of course!  Aren't I adorable!? don't have to answer that one.

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  1. Hi, Grace. You are turning out to be an incredible young woman! Iam proud to have been part of your past and wish you all the best for your future. -Mrs, Bauman