March 9, 2015

Red Roof Inn - Columbus West Broad

Sorry for the short break, mom and I were on a little trip! Where you may ask? The Arnold Sports Festival! For all of you who don't know what the Arnold is, keep reading...

First, let me say the list of sports competing at the expo covered the whole wall...the entire wall! It's ridiculous!

So there's all these people staying in the city to compete throughout the weekend. Booking a hotel was a nightmare. Every room within a 10 mile radius was booked!  Mom and I ended up staying at a Red Roof Inn about 15 minutes from the convention center. And for such a busy weekend, the price wasn't too bad.

Pulling in the parking lot, I was a little nervous. It didn't look like the newest hotel... (we came in late at night so this picture is from their website)

You know how they say "don't judge a book by its cover," the same thing is true for hotels! Wow! I was presently surprised! Hardwood floors, plenty of outlets, a nice bathroom...

I mean look at this!!

There was only one issue...breakfast. Not the greatest selection. Hard boiled eggs, bagels/toast/muffins, cereal/oatmeal, and fruit. I guess I'm just picky when it comes to breakfast.  Usually I'll have scrambled eggs or pancakes or yogurt. 

No big deal, McDonalds was right across the street. If you know how to order, the fast food chain actually has some pretty healthy selections! Egg White favorite!!!

As for other resturants, there was a pretty good selection about five minutes up the road. We ate at Applebee's...and on the way home I just happened to spot a Handel's! I got an eye for them! Can spot one miles away! ...of course we stopped. 

I'd probably rate this hotel a 4 out of 5. The room was spectacular! No complaints! Clean, spacious, efficient, quiet. Just the breakfast. If you're not a picky eater, this may be your five star hotel...

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