January 16, 2015

How To Clean Tennis Shoes

Every time I buy new tennis shoes I promise myself they won't have any white.  Guess I'm not very good at keeping promises...

So I buy black and white shoes.  Of course the white turns black within a week, no matter how hard I try to keep it clean.  Yes, I am the person who walks around puddles and dirt in parking lots.  The one who walks all the way down the sidewalk instead of cutting though the grass.  I don't want my shoes to get dirty!

But they do.  For years I tried wetting a rag and wiping them off without much success.  Yes, it got the worst of the dirt off, but they were never truly white again.  Then I came upon arguably the best cleaning product on the market!  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!  (p.s. - we've bought the generic brand from Walmart before and they work just as good.  A lot less expensive too!)  Here's what you need to do.

First wet and wring out the magic eraser.

If your tennis shoes are really muddy, etc. I suggest taking a paper towel or rag and wiping them off first.  Your magic eraser will last a lot longer if the worst of the dirt is off.

Now lightly scrub any white parts until they shine.  Some spots will be easier than other.

Look how beautiful!  Almost like new again!  They shine just as much as the diamonds!

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