January 20, 2015

The Ultimate Slider Workout

This past summer my coaches decided to start experimenting with some new conditioning. I don't blame them, the old ways were getting a little boring! When they bought per a dozen furniture sliders and told us these were our new best friends, I was a little skeptical. How are we supposed to get a good workout using these?!

Don't run away too fast! Try some of these exercises and you'll be feeling the burn too! They actually give you a really good leg workout. Mine may have been sore for a week!

All you'll need is set of furniture sliders. Any shape will work, but we all liked ovals the best. Of course you'll also have to have a large (or long) carpeted area too. Hallways work great!

1. Lunge Walks - place one carpet slider under each foot and lunge walk keeping your feet and the sliders on the floor the entire time.  The number of laps will depend on your spaces length.

2. Wheelbarrows - sit down and place both feet on one slider. Push up onto your hands so your feet our out in front of you. Trying to keep you stomach up, slide forward and back. The number of laps will depend on your spaces length. 

3. Inchworms - stand with both feet on one slider. Reach down towards your toes and put your hands on the floor. Walk your hands out to a push-up position and hold, then slide your feet back up to a pike. Repeat. The number of laps will depend on your spaces length. For more of a challenge, replace the hold with push-ups. 

4. Split Races - slide into a split and place one slider under each foot. Using your hands, walk/slide forward. As you can see, we even raced our coaches! Of course we won! 

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