January 15, 2015

DIY Bedazzled Tennis Shoes

Okay lets be honest.  When you pin a craft or a recipe or an idea on Pinterest, half the time you never make or try it.  Who has time to try 463 recipes, 248 DIY projects, and 127 home remodels?  No me!  

But when I came upon these bedazzled Nike tennis shoes I knew I had to try them!  They just caught my eye!  Look at them!  The only part I don't like...they're white.  They're gonna get super dirty and need cleaned everyday.  

Well it just so happened I was getting ready to buy a new pair of shoes.  Of course Nike!  I've tried other brands and they just don't compare.  (unfortunately, I am not affiliated with Nike in any way.  I just really like their products)  And the "check" is perfect for bedazzling!  

So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought these Clear Crystal Rhinestones. Thinking I'd be using a ton of stones, I bought three packages.  You only need one.  I didn't even use one.  Oh I can bedazzle all my shoes!

As for attaching them, I used this E6000 Clear Glue.  It seems to hold them great.  I've been wearing my shoes for two years and not a single diamond has come off.  They've been rubbed against chairs, through the snow and rain, etc.  No problems whatsoever!

I recommend working in sections.  I set my shoes on it's side and laid out the diamonds first.  That way I was able to move them and get them to fit right.  Then I took two or three off at a time and glued them on.  After trial and error I've found it easiest to use a paint brush and brush the glue on the shoes.  You can try to squeeze glue on each diamond, but it's a little more difficult.  Try each method and see which one you prefer.  They both have the same outcome!

Let your shoes sit at least two days before wearing them.  Don't even touch them!  The glue needs some time to dry and harden!

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