October 31, 2014

Unique Halloween Costumes

What to be for Halloween?  A cat, a ghost, a witch, a princess, a cheerleader? Been there done that!  I like to be something unique!! But every year it seems like we wait until the the last minute to do our Halloween costumes.  Most of the time we don't even know what we're doing until the night before!  

This year may have been my best idea ever.  What you may ask could be the ultimate Halloween costume?  Well let me start by saying I don't like anything too scary, bloody, difficult, etc.  Family and kid friendly is the way to go.  :)  

So what was I this year? (drumroll please.....) A CHRISTMAS TREE!!  And you know what?!  It was so easy!  

Here was my Pinspiration.  Not too bad (for the night before) if you ask me! All I did was take a green crew neck sweatshirt and pin on garland and Christmas ornaments.  With leggings and boots you're good to go!

Now if you want to go all out, you can add ribbon and bows to your boots.  (Presents under the tree)  And wear yellow gloves.  (A star)  

You'll have to stand with your hands above your head to get the full effect.  Now when you're our trick-or-treating use a gift bag to carry your candy.

Our English class also had some great costume ideas.  Yes, it's a class of all girls...and it's the most amazing class ever!  But anyways back to the point.  One girl was even a leaf blower! Definitely going to keep the flower and energizer bunny on tabs for next year!

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