October 6, 2014

Microwave Egg Sandwich

I could eat eggs everyday.  Scrambled, omelet, in a sandwich, the possibilities are endless.  This morning I was feeling an egg sandwich.  It was cold and I needed something hardy to keep me full until lunch.  

Like my microwave scrambled eggs, it took a long time to prefect an egg sandwich.  My first attempts were in a frying pan...  I'm just not going to tell you about those ones...

I'd pour them in my little mold really slow but no matter what I did they just never cooked in the right shape :(  One day I looked at my cereal bowl full of eggs and thought Why can't it just stay like that... 

Then it hit me!  Duh!  Cook it in the cereal bowl!!  

I have to laugh at myself sometimes...  Does anyone else do stupid things like that too?  I sure hope so.

So after I perfected the cooking I started experimenting with the add-ins.  When we have it, I like to mix in broccoli and mushrooms.  Recently I tried cauliflower.  Wasn't bad!  I actually really liked it!!  Oh..and you always have to add cheese!  Mixing in shredded or topping with a piece of american.  They're both good. Don't be afraid to try mixing in something crazy :)

Start by cracking your eggs into a regular cereal bowl and add any mix-ins or shredded cheese.  (We didn't have any broccoli, cauliflower, or mushrooms!) :(

Cover and microwave 40 seconds or until egg(s) are mostly set.  You may need to go longer if you have more eggs or a less powerful microwave.  Just experiment!

Flip egg over and microwave another 12 seconds or until cooked to your liking.

Place on a toasted Sandwich Thin, english muffin, bagel, or piece of toast!  And don't forget to add the slice of cheese if you didn't use shredded!!

Look how delicious :)

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