December 12, 2014

Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa shopping is either super easy or impossible.  Lets face it, there's no in-between.  Am I the only one, or does every year it seem like I get myself into more and more gift exchanges.  (yay!)  And every year I get stuck with the most difficult people!  (so not fair!)

This year was no different....  I got one easy person, one medium, and one hard.
Easy: my cousin Megan
Medium: my friend (sister) Sara
Hard: my friend Andrew

What do you get a guy for a Secret Santa gift?  It took me almost a week to think of the perfect present... You ready for the ultimate gift for your most difficult... (what are they called? recipient?)  You get the point...

A Candy Card!! Yes, I wrote my own candy card and I'm very proud of it.  I guess I'll let you copy it if you're in the same situation I was...Merry Christmas.  Here's what I wrote (candy bars are bolded) :)

Mr. Goodbar,

        I tried to come up with gift ideas and found myself in a Crunch.  After Black Friday shopping I didn't have 100 Grand and it wasn't PayDay.  I talked to Mounds of people and offered a Whatchamacallit for any ideas, but not even the 3 Musketeers were able to help.  Then, strolling down 5th Avenue, I had a Nutrageous idea.  What about a card that will make him Snicker!  So I'd like to Take 5 and wish you a Merry Twix-mas because your M-Azing friend couldn't think of anything better.

Your Secret Santa, 

There's only one problem.  Mars quit making the "M-Azing" candy bar.  :(  I didn't know this before I wrote the card and really didn't want to change it.  So instead of an M-Azing bar, it's a Hershey's bar with a picture of the "M-Azing" wrapper taped to it.  Just paste this image into Word, change the size (1.06" height and 3.00" width) and print.  Clever right!  He'll get the idea...  

Here's what you'll need...

-Mr. Goodbar
-100 Grand
-3 Musketeers
-5th Avenue
- Reese's Nutrageous
-Take 5
-printed "M-Azing" wrapper
-poster board or foam board
-packaging tape
-sharpie or marker

Start by writing your message on the board in pencil.  I always write too small, so this step is a must, but if you feel you can do it in marker, by all means go ahead.  Trace over the pencil in sharpie once your spacing is okay.  Roll tape and tape each candy bar in it spot.  Sit back and admire your creation, because it's going to be the best gift this year!  (I guess you can take some credit...I won't tell you found the idea online!) :)

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