December 2, 2014

How to Organize a Spice Cabinet

My mom has been on a cleaning frenzy!  From the walls and the cabinets, to the fridge and the basement storage, everything is getting organized before Christmas decorations come out.  Yes, ever since she bought this wall mop in Amish Country, she even mops our walls!   I will admit it's looking pretty nice...

In the beginning all our plates, glasses, bowls, etc. were right by the fridge.  It was nice if you were the only one in the kitchen, but when we were all in there it got a little chaotic.  We would all be in that same corner trying to grab something a plate, silverware, or something from the fridge.  My mom and I decided we needed to distribute the wealth throughout the kitchen.  

The spices got moved over by the fridge.  Changes are we won't be grabbing spices while someones in the fridge or freezer.  Plates, bowls, and glasses are in the opposite corner by the measuring cups. Silverware is by the dishwasher.  We all hate emptying the silverware basket anyway, so keeping it the closest to the dishwasher makes it a little less of a hassle.  

We just have plain shelves in our kitchen.  Since our cabinets are lacking those fancy features, my mom and I have to get creative to organize like pros.  So far our best idea is alphabetical order...creative right!  Here's a list of alphabetical (way too many) herbs and seasonings just incase you need a reference. :) I've seen some pretty cool ideas on Pinterest though...not going to lie, I'm kinda jealous. Here are my top five upgrades...

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